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Our Mission

The mission of AACORN Farm is to provide a dynamic residential and vocational program for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in an agricultural community that supports individuals in reaching their full potential through meaningful interactions, work, and leisure activities.


We Are Pleased To Announce…

In June of 2013 we received word that our 501c3 status has been approved by the IRS. This enables us to move forward with the ability to accept donations, including the donation of land, and apply for grants. AACORN Farm is also starting a vocational program on July 9, 2013. Tillers International of Scotts, MI has generously offered to let us use their farm and help care for its animals and gardens, and to have arts and crafts indoors while we are raising funds for a farm of our own. Thank you, Tillers, for your very tangible support! The program will run three days per week with just a few participants while we are breaking it in. In September, the program will be offered four days per week and we will be adding more participants. If you know of any adults on the autism spectrum who would benefit from this program, please contact us at the email on this website.
In the video above you will be introduced to a few of us who are working to establish AACORN Farm. We invite you to share in our dream.


Application Process

You may print the application by clicking [here]. Please note, we will not be able to accept applications until we have residences built and are closer to becoming fully operational. Follow our progress on our website and Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on submitting applications for residency.